Exterior Phase One Begins!

We knew from the start that we wanted the exterior to be dark. We are both drawn to homes that have a moody sensibility. Actually pulling the trigger is altogether a different experience.

I started wondering if white was best. But it’s so predictable. We’ll save that for a beach place. The house is grounded in earthy mountain stone, harvested in the late 1930s, so a dark body seems fitting for our little Chattanooga cottage. Initially I imagined an Olivey/Mossy green. We landed on Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. It’s dark, very dark. I’ve seen many interior applications, but almost no exterior ones. So far, it has a great time that changes depending on the light and time of day.

Watching the cars slow as the paint process begins makes me smile.

More photos to come as the project progresses. But find phase one, first coat snapshots attached. We have some great elements in the works to give the house some great curb appeal.







Home sweet home

We are excited to say we’re finally in! The last week has been a whirlwind, and there’s still details to complete. Some cabinetry doors, exterior paint and work, closet systems, and more…But we are in!

Looking forward to lots of fun dinners, parties, family and friends for many years to come! More photos coming soon-or swing by!




Aaaaand we still aren’t in.

Another coat of poly on the floors. Railings upstairs. Railings outside. Appliances still uninstalled. Kitchen and bath cabinetry doors still not in. Hardware on cabinetry still not installed. Lighting in kitchen not complete. Gas lantern outside and gas in fireplace not done. Punch list not complete. Then, we try for inspection to get our certificate of occupancy.

So, still a few days to go.





It’s coming together!

Lots and lots of things happening this week. As long as things continue to go as planned and final inspections go well, we’ll moving in this weekend! Have a truck we can borrow?

Countertops, shower glass, etc this week. Honed carrera marble in the kitchen, Lagos Azul limestone in the master bath, with a mitered waterfall wrap around edge. Awaiting cabinet fronts in both areas.
Still to come includes final electrical (installing light fixtures, etc), all final plumbing, cleaning, etc.

We decided to move in, get settled just a touch, then pull the trigger on painting the outside. We did have them rip off the ugly staircase to the second floor. It just left an ugly side to look at. No big deal.

That money tree needs to sprout another limb or two.

Lots of details being installed the next few days.
In the meantime, some updated pictures!












So so so so close.

Bathroom work is getting closer, so is the kitchen!

Moving day is tentatively scheduled for next Saturday!






We’re getting close!

Short update!
Floors are receiving their final coat of poly tomorrow. We decided to redo the entire house bc we didn’t like the first color we chose. Much improved!

Also this week: cabinetry installation in the kitchen and master bath, wood planking installation in the master bath, marble in the kitchen, plumbing and appliances as well, as long as things go according to plan (hahahaha we all know how that goes).







Not finished yet, but working on finishes!

Working this week and last on finishing the hardwoods, cabinetry final details, countertop stuff, etc!

Meanwhile, included a shot of our current house-looking through the dining room into the front courtyard. If you know anyone looking for a 2/2 townhouse in Hixson with the best finishes around, hollar. We’d discuss selling it…

More finish updates to come!





House Update!!

So there’s been some great progress since my last post!

All the floors on the first floor have been sanded and are awaiting their first coat of stain (exact color tbd!!). That was a fun surprise when i checked in this afternoon!

The first coat of a tinted primer has been sprayed, so we are beginning to get a feel for how the house is going to feel! Some rooms will have alternate colors from the main rooms, but I’m super pumped about painting the walls and walls and doors and trim and ceilings!

We also chose a DOPE countertop material for the master bath. It’s a knockout-just wait y’all! And we are still on the hunt for the perfect white marble for the kitchen (that doesn’t cost $140 sf). What, do we look like we have Kardashian money?!

I’m having mini heart attacks on a daily basis re:budget overspends. Looks like…approximately 25% over budget (gasp). Sooo we’ll be eating light for awhile (bonus: hot tones bodies in the new house bc we will be broke?!?)

Of course we will be anxious to have the whole property completed, but this bad boy is going to take a couple phases-main house; guest/pool house: pool; landscape (not necessarily in that order).

So, to wrap this update, the kitchen and bath folks tell us we are about 3 weeks out. Lots of fun exciting finishes and updates to come in the next few weeks (along with my mini fiscal freak outs on the daily)!

As you consider housewarming gifts think: *food (we will be starving) *money (we will be broke) *champagne (we must still remain fabulous).

Here’s a couple random updates pics!










Tile tile tile!

Some progress on the master bath to report! Marble is in for the shower and tub. Still needs grouting-cant wait to see the finished product!

We ran 9×18 honed marble in a subway/brick pattern and went for the honed marble hex on the floor.

Look at the light streaming through-I may have to shower at 5:15 everyday just to enjoy that!

Up next this week-priming walls and possibly a first coat of paint throughout the house!

Looking forward to kitchen and bath cabinetry updates too!





Met with cabinet shop and kitchen designer again today!

We met with the kitchen designer and cabinet shop again today.   SO excited about the great changes and decision we made!  The kitchen is going to be stunning.  Don’t want to give much away yet, but we chose color, cabinet door and drawer styles, trim details, and pull details.


We also came up with a killer idea for the Master Bath vanity and top–it’s going to be a stunner.  Very one of a kind.


Some additions to the Pinterest page include a selection of paint colors, some techniques and things we’ll be using in the house, and other inspiration images.  Be sure and follow the board, or any other board u like!  Pinterest Euclid File.

We’ve had a heat and air debacle the last few weeks thats held up some progress, but I’m confident that our contractor will work it out.


Otherwise, we should see updates on master bath tilework and maybe some paint-first coats this week!


Stay tuned, friends.